Over the last ten years Smet has worked on an extensive series of paintings and try-outs. He wanted to know what to do with nature as a theme, and how people had any chance to produce anything significant opposite that impressive achievement. Nature with all its time and ability, produced groundbreaking stuff like trees, ants, rocks — what did we achieve? What can we do in our short lifetime?

For a long time he focussed on the tendency of man to demolish and deteriorate the landscape, but that shifted to the overall influence man has on the densely inhabited and intensely used world. And thus its landscape — completely designed by humans. The cluttering, destruction, but also structures, solutions for human presence. With the underlying thought that we are a guest of nature, and it is she who has the final say.

Masking tape, which Smet uses in abundance in his works, — a mass produced material usually regarded as useless — is used as a building block. Like molecules, tiny particles or bricks this tape, in bits and pieces, it is repeatedly stacked until something is created which can be seen as an own version of landscape — formed by time and quiet attention. Precisely with materials which are artificial — acrylic, tape, paper towels — it wishes to be a nod to the actual landscape.

He is Artist in Residence during Leeuwarden Cultural Capital of Europe 2018, and reports about that via edwinsmet.eu

Exhibitions (a selection)
2016 Art The Hague
2016 Rotterdam Contemporary
2017 Art Amsterdam
2017 The Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam
2018 Artist in Residence during Leeuwarden Cultural Capital of Europe 2018
2018 Art The Hague

Edwin Smet, Nijmegen, Nederland
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